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SeaDog's kits and plans come with a building manual that is very complete. It's organized so that the experienced builder can get the information they need quickly, yet it covers everything that the novice needs. Excerpts of several sections from our kayak and shell manuals are provided below in Adode pdf format.

These will provide you with a general idea of the level of detail in the manual and level of difficulty in building our kits. You will see that the manuals are organized so that experienced builders can quickly find the information that they need in the summary of each step. The information following the summary provides novices with every detail that they need. In addition to the manual, scaled plans are included that show the locations of parts such as the seat, bulkheads, and footbraces.

Kayak (acrobat pdf format)

100 kb
SeaDog Shell ( acrobat pdf format) 150 kb
Tool List 33 kb

These are PDF files so you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

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