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This is a page of links for kayaking and canoeing related subjects.  The links can be related to boat building, paddling, vacation spots, neat trips...  You get the idea.   If you have or know of a good site, contact us and we'll add it.  If you have a commercial site that you'd like to add, we will exchange links. Note that we do not use an automatic link generator.  All of the links that we have are checked for content before we add them.


A group organizing sea kayak trips throughout southeastern Wisconsin. The link will be reastored when the new web site is up.
Wilderness Connection John Browning, former owner of former outdoor shop (Wilderness Connection) has a loosely organized group sea kayaking around the Milwaukee area.
Great Lakes Sea Kayak Club Sponsors of the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium in Grand Marais.
GLSKA - Great Lakes Sea Kayak Assoc
Group from Ontario
Lake Superior Inland Sea Society
GASP! Gulf Area Sea Paddlers
LOAPC - Lansing Oar And Paddle Club Lansing, Michigan
Minnesota Canoe Association Canoeing, kayaking, paddling and woodstrip canoe & kayak building
Manitoba Recreational Canoeing Association
BCU Surf - Kayak Surfing British Canoe (kayak) Union
The Electric Boat Assoc of America Need power? This is the best way to get it.
Florida Sea Kayaking Assoc. They have a trip page

Government Sites

Wisconsin Dept of Tourism Wisconsin is a beautiful state.  If you don't live here you should visit!
USCG Marine Safety Regulations Commercial and recreational regs (just in case you're interested).


A Boat Building Community A good resource for general boat building, primarily links to other sites.
Bateau Boats Boat plans on-line
DataBoat Int., Ltd . "The World's Largest Source of Boating Books, Plans and Videos" (or so they claim).
Shipslog "Unparalleled access to the very best in boating information."
SEE Kayaks Directory of companies providing kayak plans, kits, and finished boats.

Boat Building Supplies

Bristol Bronze Bronze Fittings for Traditional and Classic Yachts (and rowing equipment)
Bronze blocks with Delrin ball bearings and related hardware.
Boatbuilding and Woodworking Supplies for the Trade and Craftsman

Lightning Paddles Library of paddle info articles

Boulter Plywood Marine plywood and lumber

Epoxy and Fiberglass Supplies
Raka Boat Building Supplies A supplier of epoxy, fiberglass and other building supplies.
Nor-Mar Enterprises Their citrus based hand cleaner takes uncured epoxy right off of skin!  Doesn't drive it into your skin (as acetone does) or dry out your skin. Garage/shop floor coatings, automotive supplies (penetrating oil, hand cleaner, etc.), and many other useful products. 
Sound Specialty Coatings Corporation Manufacturer of epoxy, paints, floorings and many other coating products that are environmentally safe.

Outdoor Wilderness Fabric Inc. Fabrics, and just about anything related to making outdoor wear and equipment.

Boat Builders

Brightwood Boat Company Row, paddle, or sail a hand-crafted wooden boat.


Wooden Boat Magazine The best all around magazine dedicated to wooden boats and The Wooden Boat Store- Plans, books, equipment, models, etc.
SeaKayaker Magazine The magazine about sea kayaking.
Canoe & Kayak Publication of the American Canoe Association
Open Water Rowing A small publication that's strictly rowing.
Boatbuilder The Journal of Boat Design and Construction (mainly for backyard builders)
WaterTribe We venture out on the sea, we play in the surf, we ride the wind, we canoe in remote wilderness and run wild rivers. ~ We are the WaterTribe, Welcome ~

Sea Kayaking Info

Sea Kayaking FAQs Forum on sea kayaking.
Superior Water Trails Lake Superior and surrounding areas.
Canadian Canoe Symposium
Baja Air Ventures
Baja Air Ventures assists adventure travelers in experiencing sea kayaking, whale watching and tours of the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Mexico.
USA Canoe-Kayak - Calendar of Events

Paddling & Rowing Equipment

Knu-Pac Portaging System Great canoe portaging system
Slick Rydr - Canoe and kayak trailers The slickest canoe/kayak trailers on the market.
Spirit Sails Sailing Simply - No-Strings-Attached
Virus Rowing Sliding rigger, plastic and fiberglass rowing craft

Symposia and Boat Shows

Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium Grand Marais, Michigan - July
Door County Maritime Museum Wooden Boat Show - August
Saskatchewan Canoe Assoc. Symposium Schedule
West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium - Port Townsend, Washington
Wilderness Canoeing Symposium - Arctic Travels & Arctic Cultures
East Coast Canoe & Kayak Symposium - Charleston SC April
Southwest Florida Sea Kayak Symposium December
Great Lakes Small Craft Symposium Amature boat builders symposium - August

Sea Kayakers Personal Pages

Add your personal page if there is something about paddling or rowing!   Just submit the URL to us .

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