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Because every boat or kit we build is hand-made to order, you can individualize your boat by choosing exactly how you want it to look. Having your choice of woods and outfitting makes your boat unique, unlike mass produced boats that have very little variation.

Every SeaDog boat that we build is numbered and signed on a permanent label inside the cockpit as your assurance of quality. To let everybody know that this is your boat, the SeaDog Boats logo is added to the rear deck with your name inscribed saying that the boat was custom built for you. In the case of complete kits the logo is included stating that this boat was built by you.

Your major choices for customizing your boat or kit are described below:

For accessories go here.



One of the main selections is that of wood . While we always use a base of marine okoume plywood because of its superior properties, you can have your choice of wood veneers laminated to the deck and/or hull. Our suppliers can provide over 75 species of wood in veneer ranging from common woods such as birch to exotics such as burled maple and zebra wood. We use a side rail that helps stiffen the boat, provides some protection to the sides, and enhances the lines of the boat. If weight is of paramount concern these side rails can be eliminated reducing the boat's weight by approximately 3-4 pounds.

If you have special needs for lighter or stronger boats we can vary construction to achieve your goals.  By using thinner wood and/or less fiberglass the weight of your boat can be reduced by several pounds.  The trade off is that the boat won't be as strong.  Conversely, if you want your boat stronger we can add additional layers of fiberglass to the outside or bottom of the hull.   This, of course, will increase the weight of the boat by several pounds.   Moldings of PVC or brass can be added to the front along the leading edge and keel of the boat to help minimize damage from collisions with rocks.


Wood Species Available

Side Rails/Hatch clips/Trim


SeaDog offers five standard options in cockpit sizing! One of these is almost sure to fit your needs. If none are what you're looking for we can modify, stretch, or what ever you need at a reasonable cost!
19" x 36"
The largest size cockpit is very generously sized with and oval egg shape for large and very tall people.  This cockpit has a wide front allowing easier access.  An "average build" 6'4" person can move their legs in and out of the boat while in the seat.  This size is not recommended if you plan to use your boat in heavy surf because the spray skirt may come loose from the cockpit.
17" x 34"
The medium size key hole shaped cockpit is good for people with an average build to 6'3" tall.
17" x 28"
The standard size oval shape is good for people to about 6" tall. Over that it may be a tight fit

19 x 28"

This cockpit is sized to better fit wider men's or woman's hips. A little wider at the back of the cockpit with a standard opening. If you take the rear of the red outline and the front of the magenta, you'll get idea.
Open Deck

An open deck is also an option on all of our kayaks. This is the type of deck that we use on the Bifrost rowing scull. While it isn't appropriate for use in very heavy water without the use of flotation bags to displace water that could enter the boat, it does allow you to load it as you would a canoe.


Our access hatches are cut from the deck or bulkhead resulting in the wood grain flowing across the entire boat for a beautiful appearance! The hatch covers are tethered to the underside of the deck so that they can't be lost or blow away when loading or unloading on a windy beach.

Access hatches are available is four configurations.

  1. Standard - two deck hatches (easiest to load).
  2. Bulkhead/front - rear bulkhead hatch, front deck hatch (more secure rear storage).
  3. Bulkhead only - rear bulkhead hatch, no front hatch or bulkhead(cleaner deck appearance).
  4. None - no access hatches or bulkheads (cleaner deck appearance).

Whenever bulkheads are not installed you must use an alternate means of flotation such as sea sock, flotation gear bags, or standard flotation bags. Failure to do so could result in damage to your boat or sinking or unrecoverability of your boat and presents a hazard to the user.


Standard deck lines are 3/16-inch black shock cord and are also available in 1/4-inch black. Other colors or sizes are available by special order. Another option is polyline with wooden tightening blocks rather than shockcord. You can add or eliminate deck lines, as you see fit. Outfitting the deck is a very individual thing. While some people like to have a lot of shock cords for tying down gear or grabbing during a wet entry, some prefer a minimum.  Our standard boat offers lines both in front and behind the cockpit. On the Argo, there are no lines behind the rear cockpit due to lack of space. Because of safety considerations, we always recommend installation of one set of shock cords at each cockpit to use for wet entry (open water rescue). 

Deck and rudder lines are held in place, and grab handles secured, by eye straps that are available in wood (standard), bronze, stainless steel, or black plastic. Wooden fittings match the rest of the trim pieces on your boat unless specifically requested otherwise. We don’t recommend bronze for salt water applications. Bronze weathers to a dark color (think of a bronze statute) if not polished regularly and in salt water it will corrode and pit.


Coming Soon!

Marquetry is inlaid wood designs that can be applied to the deck of your boat.
A great way to personalize your boat even more!

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